About Me


I am California born and bred, Maine finished. I will forever be a sandy-toed, sun kissed, taco loving, beach bum at heart. If I could wear a bikini and be shoeless year-round I would, but I love the 4 seasons (I'm a contradiction I know.) I love my fur babies dearly. I think bathrobes and hot coffee are completely justifiable reasons to get up in the morning. Being outside, barefoot, in the garden, hiking in the woods or at the beach, grounds me and keeps me centered, happy and connected. I love, love Maine for this reason. I am perpetually surrounded by Mother Nature and all her glory; reminding me how small I am. I love food and cooking. I think good food and drinks with awesome people is the formula for a great time. I love to read, preferably curled up in my bathrobe with coffee, first thing in the morning, puppies sleeping on my feet. I hope to one day be a published author – NYT Bestseller would be icing, but I'll work towards finishing the novel, cookbook, and wellness guide first. I love yoga and spinning classes. Potato chips are my kryptonite (don't expect me to share). I'm always up for trying something new. The beach is my church. Yoga is way better when done outside. I believe life is all about balance which I practice daily.

What Led me to Becoming a Health Coach:

I always knew I wanted to work in health care, it just took some time for me to figure out in which field.

I attended UCD in CA with a double major in Pre-Dental (like pre-med, but for becoming a dentist) and Philosophy. I worked for my family dentist throughout high school and with some inspiration from a few dentists in my extended family, I thought dentistry was the field for me. Through the rigorous double major course load at UCD I realized it was not the place for me. I was unable to transfer so I buckled down and graduated in 3 years.

After graduation I moved to Maine with the plan to be there a year, apply to dental school and move to an urban area like New York or Boston for dental school (Tufts was my #1). I was doing all the dental school prep-work: applications, studying for the DAT, getting letters of recommendation, when I panicked. Something deep inside me was freaking out and I had to listen to that voice. So after a long talk with my mom I decide to take a break. I figured if this was something I was meant to do, it would resurface and I would think of it again. I never did.

Throughout my life in Maine (which is now my forever home) I flitted around between a cleaning person, a fish monger, a deli and wine store manager, a basketball coach, farm sitter, an office manager, a sales and marketing manager, yet have always felt unfulfilled. Then in the fall of 2014 a high school friend posted something about recently enrolling in nutrition school. I took one nutrition class in college, as a requirement, and I ended up loving it (in hindsight, I probably should have switched majors then, but oh well, the universe has funny ways of bring things back to you).

I have always loved food and nutrition. Food is central to everything we do and how we feel and live. So I started looking through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition website and enrollment guide. By the time I got to the end of the guide I knew it was for me. By December I was enrolled in the 2015 class to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in December 2015, where I studied a variety of dietary theories, practical lifestyle coaching methods, self-care techniques and so much more.

Working with me as your Health Coach and the knowledge I acquired from IIN, we co-create a completely personalized action plan based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources. I loved my education and it corresponds so closely with my own philosophy and approach to my life. I firmly believe food is medicine and that we all deserve to live health, happy, fulfilled lives.

I look forward to working with you to help find balance in your life.


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