I am the Program Coordinator for an amazing youth non-profit program called Ready by 21 Mentoring. It is a comprehensive mentoring program built to empower young people to live healthy, happy, productive lives. A joining of ages that is inspiring growth and possibility while fostering mutuality and widespread collaboration.

We pair area adult mentors with the incoming junior class at our area high school. The mentorship commitment is for 5 years to offer support throughout, and past, the challenges of being college age.

We do everything from weekly family dinners at our donated Mentor Center space, cooking healthy, fresh, organic meals as often as possible, taking trips to other cities, and this year we will be incorporating monthly workshops, movie nights and bridge.

To learn more and/or support visit or reach out to me via my contact form.

I am also affiliated with The Armaid Company, Inc., LLC, an amazing self-care massage company in my area. The Armaid Company is a small company producing self-care massage therapy devices – Armaid and RolFlex.

The Armaid is a tool for the hands, wrists, elbows, forearms and biceps. It is a great tool for everyone! We all use our fingers, hands, wrists and elbows every single day, more than you are probably aware of, and how many of us give our poor arms the TLC they need? I know I forget to. This tool is awesome after a long day, if you are sitting on the couch, after the gym or even watching the sunset, to loosen up those muscles and tight over used connections. It is loved by professional athletes to people like you and me. I have been an Armaid lover for years and highly recommend it.

RolFlex is the newest product from The Armaid Company and ROM, LLC. It is similar looking to Armaid, but does the whole body from the shoulders to the feet. Such a nifty, all inclusive gadget to massage the whole body and release those tight areas. I love RolFlex for my tight shoulders.

Visit and enter my affiliate code "EatBe" to receive a 10% discount.



I lead a 5-month long healthy lifestyle overhaul sponsorsed by Health Island Project. This is a program that costs only $30 to join and in the 5 months you will learn cooking techniques, about your body, different types of exercise as well and body awareness and listening to your body. The program meets weekly runs from January to May each year. Ask me more if you would like to join.

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