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Organic, local, vegan, fresh made juices & smoothies in Deer Isle, Maine


Good friends Eryn and Alix both found themselves living on the island of Deer Isle, Maine. Both women original hail from California. Alix is from Southern CA. Eryn from Northern CA. Drawn to the beauty, natural abundance, and 2 attractive men, of the island they longed for some of the health-food staples that are common in CA.

Independently Eryn and Alix applied to open a made-to-order juice and smoothie stand at the Stonington Farmer’s Market. Alix’s application was denied. Eryn’s application was accepted, but she soon found out she was expecting, and it felt like too much to take on a new venture and motherhood at the same time.

Eventually connected by a mutual friend knowing their shared interest in organic fresh food, particularly juices and smoothies, Eryn and Alix met during the winter to conceive of running a farmer’s market stand together. In 2017, they applied with Juice MEcCA (Maine and California if you haven’t caught on yet ;) and “mecca” is a gathering place) and were accepted! A business and friendship has grown since then.

Juice MEcCA has been in operation at the Stonington Farmer’s Market for 2 years. We are completely battery powered! All of our products are organic, local as much as possible and eco-friendly (containers, straws, etc), we even “donate” our compost to the local community garden.

You can find the delicious Juices and Smoothies of Juice MEcCA at:


44 North Coffee • 7 Main Street • Deer Isle

Fridays • 9-2 • October - April




Stonington Farmer's Market • Island Community Center

Fridays • 10-12 • May - September



Specialized juices and smoothies and delivery available by request. Contact us here.




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