Call it what you will:

busting ass
sweat sesh
working out
moving meditation
walking the dogs
cleaning the house
doing whatever so you can continue to eat pizza

all of it is movement and is necessary to make us stay sane!

My Movement Philosophy
I love working out daily. I don't feel well mentally, emotionally or physically without moving every day.
I have been active my entire life. From living outside on bikes and at the beach as a kid to playing competitive sports from a very young age and now doing something different each day of the week that keeps me moving and centered.

I loving "working out", but that means a lot of different things for others and even actually for me day to day. I think movement is an incredibly important part of a healthy lifestyle. It clears my head. Straightens out my emotions and makes me feel better and keeps things moving (yeah, I'm talking about pooping). I am always eager to try something new or learn a new technique. My knowledge of types of movement run the gamut of yoga to weight lifting, dancing in my living room to my favorite music to Tabata and HIIT (high intensity interval training), basketball to TRX. I am always seeking something new to try.

Movement is important to me and important to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the things I love to rotate throughout my weekly routines.

I am available to incorporate these forms of movement into our Health Coaching sessions and/or to help you learn what type of movement works for you.



I love yoga. I have been practicing for about 2 years now, on and off. I love the grounding of yoga, the breath, the deep stretching and yes, I even sweat (because vinyasa flow is my fav).

I remember as a kid hating yoga because my Mom would drag me to a yoga class and I would get bored. I was tired of breathing, why you do you need to practice breathing I would think to myself, and my nose would run constantly (allergies and now that I am thinking about it, probably my gluten and lactose intolerance manifesting at that young age). So I swore off yoga as a kid.

But now I get it! Funny how things circle back years later. I love the centering it gives my body and the clarity of mind I have after each session. And I have to admit there is a "workout" in yoga, breathing through some of the poses and keeping muscles engaged can be challenging.

There are tons of yoga videos online or probably a class near you, but I enjoy practicing in the quiet and comfort of my own home, early in the morning while everyone is still sleeping, or outside when the weather is nice with my puppies running around me. I would highly recommend adding yoga to your life, I promise you will notice a difference in your agility, clarity of mind and groundedness.

My puppies love to help with my yoga. Follow me on Instagram for regular puppy yoga photos.

Aerial Yoga

Over a year ago I had the joy of visiting sunny San Diego to see family and friends. My Dad and I went to a different fitness class 7 of the 9 days I was there. We did kickboxing, spinning, 2 different bootcamps, a TRX, tabata, HIIT class taught by a husband and wife team, and an aerial yoga class. I was in love instantly with aerial yoga! I loved how open I was able to get with certain poses, especially in my hips. It was an outdoor class overlooking the beach and town, at sunset at a beautiful place called Trilogy Sanctuary. It was incredible!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.22.36 PM
I now own an aerial silk and it is hanging in my living room. I practice aerial yoga almost daily. I have incorporated it into my regular yoga routine. I normally start on my mat on the floor and end up in the silk. It is amazingly fluid, graceful and opening. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about aerial yoga! I hope to one day be a certified instructor.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.43.18 PM


Another regular of mine, also hanging from the ceiling in my living room - TRX straps.

I had heard great things about TRX from multiple people and the diversity of a workout it provides. I love the combination of intense bursts of energy, Pilates-type movements, focused muscle work, suspension resistance and a lot of balance work.

I would highly recommend a TRX class near you, or I can show you the basics. It might seem intimidating or too intense. But I was amazed how much of my yoga breathing and balance focus is used throughout the classes. I have found more upper body and core strength, alongside increased stability. It also works for my boyfriend aiming to build muscle. A great tool all around for so many different body types.

Don't be afraid to try a new workout. You never know what you will discover in the class and in yourself.


Anything Else...
If none of my favorites appeal to you that is OK too!

I am happy to work with you to get you moving, even something as simple as walking your dogs daily, is better than nothing. You and your dog benefit. Or gardening, yeah that counts! Want to play a bit of 1-on-1 basketball, you're on! If there is a class you have been wanting to try but don't want to go to it alone, I'll go with you. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is scary and I get that we all need support.

Together we will find movement that works for you.


Did you know!

when starting a new exercise plan, one you are sticking to regularly (ie. 3-5 times per week)....
• It will take YOU 3 weeks to notice a difference (in the way YOU feel, the way your clothes fit)
• It will take 6 weeks for the SCALE to register noticeable changes.
• And it will take 12 weeks for OTHERS to notice

So keep at it!
Don't forget the valuable resource that is YouTube workout videos!

I personally love Ali Kamenova for yoga and FitnessBlender for cardio, HIIT and tabata workouts. These are in regular rotation on my workout circuit.

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