Here are the ways to work with me to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle:

6-Month Full Lifestyle Overhaul Program

We will work together 2 times per month for 1 hour each time, to discuss lifestyle changes, approaches and goals that best work towards your want for a healthier you.

We will go in depth in all areas of your life: from nutrition and diet requirements specific to your unique needs, finding exercise or simple daily movement that works for you, loving the career or passion you have or learning to love parts of it to reduce your stress, optimizing your sleep routine, finding ways to make time for you each day, and building on your closest and more important relationships.

This 6-month program is the full intensive program where we delve into every arena of your life to build a more fulfilled and healthy you.


For full 6-months @ 2 meetings (1 hr. each) per month
(If paid in full at first meeting, 20% discount offered.)

Pantry Clean-out and Grocery Shopping Trip
Do you think you or someone in your house is suffering from a food allergy that is regularly being triggered? Spend part of a day with me to help jumpstart your journey to an allergen-free home. 

I will come and assess the food in your pantry, fridge and cupboards to find those hidden allergens you might not be aware are lurking. Together we will read labels, learn the sneaky words that hide those trigger ingredients and toss them out or box them up to donate to the local food pantry.

After, we will venture to the nearest grocery store to restock your home. We will purchase allergen free alternatives to those that were contaminating your home. We will load up on fresh, whole foods, which you will understand by the end of our session together should be the mainstay of your diet.

If those triggering foods are not part of your home it makes it a lot easier to live an allergen-trigger-free lifestyle.


(Approximately 3 hours spent together and you pay for the groceries)

3-Month Elimination Diet with Food Guide, Support and Accountability
Removing an allergy-triggering food from your life can be tough! But you don't have to do it alone.

Work with me to identify your allergy trigger. Together we will find out if you are gluten intolerant or celiac, lactose intolerant, or soy, corn, sugar or GMO-sensitive. We will identify the trigger with a strict Elimination Diet, which I will guide you through every step of the way–from purging your home, helping you shop and cook, even giving you a meal plan, with weekly check-ins to discuss your successes and struggles.

To learn more about Food Allergies check out my Food Allergies and Elimination Diet pages.



Healthy Allergen-Free Cooking Basics

We all have the same things we cook over and over again. Don't you get sick of the rut?

Did you know Researchers at the Washington Center for Obesity Research have found that most Americans eat no more than 30 different foods routinely. And we generally cycle through all of them in about four days! (Gulp by Mary Roach) Crazy, I know. It gets more tricky when you are dealing with food allergies because it seems like that list of foods you can eat gets smaller and smaller.

Spend a part of your day in the kitchen with me! I will teach you simple, allergen-free and/or diet specific recipes you can easily add to your weekly cooking routine.


(1-3 hours spent together cooking in your home or mine)


Juicing Basics and Juice Cleanse

Juicing is a quick, yummy, and nutricious way to get a essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals into your body right away.

It is also a really simple way to get your daily requirement of vegetables.

I love juicing! I can create a personalized 24 hour to 7-day juice cleanse for you or if you are interested in becoming your own juicing expert, we can have a juicing learning session to get you started juicing daily for your health.

Pricing varies and additional costs vary for price of foods


Eat to Relieve Seasonal Allergies

Do you dread spring and fall because of your seasonal allergies?

Are your eyes watery and itchy, nose running, constantly sneezing and in a fog?

Does this read like a commercial for an OTC seasonal allergy medication? Well basically it is. Sure you can pop a daily OTC allergy med or you can lessen your symptoms with diet! Sounds crazy, right, well it is not. If you remove allergy triggering foods from your diet when there are enough allergy triggering pollens in the air, you can actually alleviate your seasonal allergies with diet alone!

Tired of the drowsy, grogginess side effects that come with the OTC allergy medications? Eat whole, real, non-inflammatory foods for those heightened seasonal allergy months and feel better than ever.

This program will be individually catered to your needs so prices vary. Inquire here to learn more:


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