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Helpful Juice Cleanse chart for a 3-day cleanse if you new to cleanses. I tried this a while ago and stayed relatively full the entire time and had little complaints, except for how much I had to clean my juicer.

 "75% of healthcare costs are due to preventable diseases that can be entirely effected by diet."
Michael Pollan


Drink more water!

So much can be solved by drinking water. I am perpetually amazed how little water people drink and subsequently how little they pee.

Water is vital to our health!

So many symptoms people battle every day: fatigue, incessant hunger, headaches, irritation, constipation, and much, much more - just look at this graphic - can be eradicated by drinking water.

I always drink a full glass of water when I first sit up in bed, it sets my hunger and hydration tone for the day. And before all meals I drink a large glass of water. I find that I eat less. And also that I need to eat less often.

If you feel hungry, drink water, wait 15 minutes then check back in with your body. Ask, am I really hungry? Hunger pangs are often, actually dehydration pangs.

Drink more water, not coffee, not flavored water, not Gatorade or other enhanced water-like substance, drink clean, fresh, water.

You will be amazed by how this one simple step will make you feel SO much better.

Side Note: There is such a thing as drinking too much water. If your urine is clear all day, back off a little. There should be a slight yellow-ish tint to your pee. But wait, you're thirsty right?? Ever feel super thirsty and no matter how much water you drink it is not quenchable? Perhaps your electrolytes are low and possibly your body needs sodium. Crazy right? But don't grab the Gatorade– way too much sugar! Instead reach for the Earth's natural Gatorade–coconut water. Just watch your intake and the sugar content, should be less then 10g/serving. And trust, 1 serving goes a long way!

I love, love, love @yoga_girl. She is a HUGE inspiration to me. Follow her. Love her. Be inspired by her.

I got this as a gift. Get it. Read it. Cry. Be inspired. And then read it again. Oh yeah, and some yoga, lots of yoga.







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I am always finding new articles, interesting scientific findings, inspirational quotes and photos, and I like experimenting with my body, listening to it, trying a new diet or workout to see how it makes me feel.

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Natural Supplements that aide with symptoms of seasonal allergies:
• Slippery elm
• Tumeric
• Ginger
• Licorice
• Ginko biloba
• Quercetin
• Stinging nettle
• Olbas Natural Inhaler


• eating a really clean, simplified diet, if not entirely vegan, lots of green juices


Handy Tidbits:
  • Plain, organic yogurt has live bacterial cultures like bifidus and acidophilus, both of which are incredibly good for your digestive tract. Yogurt made with active and live bacterial cultures is actually OK for many people with lactose intolerance. The live bacterial cultures convert lactose to lactic acid, so the yogurt is well-tolerated due to a lower lactose content than yogurt without live cultures. So if you are eating sugary flavored yogurts, no good, but greek plain, organic yogurt will actually help your digestive tract and make it super happy.
  • Kefir is the nectar of gods. A fermented drinkable yogurt available from cow milk and goat milk (my personal fav), both of which are 99% lactose free. Great for your digestive tract and re-establishing that health bacteria to your guts.
  • Supplements everyone at least should take daily - because lets be honest, food is not as nutrient dense as it used to be:
    • 10-20 billion CFU of probiotics, best if they are the refrigerated kind, they are living oragnisms after all
    • a daily multi-vitiman
    • Vitamin D3 - literally everyone is deficient in VitD no matter where you live. There is conflicting daily recommendation doses, but anywhere from 2,000-10,000 IUD/day. Start with 2,000 and work up as to what feels best for you. Obviously in the winter, if you live in a colder, darker area, up your intake. Also you want the liquid gel capsules, better absored by the body
    • Omega 3s
    • Dietary fiber

Worth Reading:

Is There Such A Thing As Being Fat And Fit? by Cece Olisa
A very fascinating article about life and death, "Why I Hope to Die at 75," by Ezekiel J. Emanuel. He talks about the creativity curve as we age and how over the past 50 years, health care hasn’t slowed the aging process so much as it has slowed the dying process. A long article but a very interesting perspective.
A great article on the "Rise of Gluten Intolerance" by Kristen Michaelis
"I think the greatest weight should be given to his second suggestion, as damaged gut flora is on the rise in our society for a number of reasons. Sugar, alcohol, antibiotics, environmental toxins, and other allergens (like the introduction of GMOs into our food supply within the last 15 years) all contribute to imbalanced intestinal flora which can lead to gluten-intolerance."

"First, let’s be clear about what gluten intolerance is. It isn’t a food allergy. It’s a physical condition in your gut. Basically, undigested gluten proteins (prevalent in wheat and other grains) hang out in your intestines and are treated by your body like a foreign invader, irritating your gut and flattening the microvilli along the small intestine wall. Without those microvilli, you have considerably less surface area with which to absorb the nutrients from your food. This leads sufferers to experience symptoms of malabsorption, including chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, nutrient deficiencies, anemia, nausea, skin rashes, depression, and more."
I read the most interesting article about gluten intolerant people being more likely to be lactose intolerant, which I have found to be true for myself. While I can no longer find the original article, this one explains the correlation nicely.
Breeding the Nutrition out of Our Food
A very interesting NY Times article by Jo Robinson.
"In fact, I’ve interviewed U.S.D.A. plant breeders who have spent a decade or more developing a new variety of pear or carrot without once measuring its nutritional content."

A fascinating NYTimes article about How Being Heavy or Lean Shapes Our View of Exercise. It makes you understand that innate hatred to get up and going, starting a new workout routine after none at all. The findings of the research is really telling.

Worth Watching:

A talk with reference to Michael Pollan's book Cooked, well worth the read too.


Worth Looking Into:

I read this on my recent travels, Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye. It is a nice perspective and applicable way of adding Buddhism philosophy, or at least considering a Buddhist mindset approach to our daily lives. I quick, insightful read.

A blog I follow:
Wheat Belly Blog

A great website just about general health and wellness. He writes great answers to questions.

Half Of Supermarket Chicken Harbors Superbugs, Consumer Reports Finds
Need to Know:

"The problem is that for all the fear of fructose, consumers have grown just as wary of its beaker-born alternatives. To health fanatics, they seem noxious on their face: Sweet’N Low comes from a derivative of coal; Equal is made from methanol and converts to formaldehyde when digested; Splenda is a chlorinated sugar. Others worry over well-worn rumors of their ill effects — tumors, headaches and depression. More recent studies hint that diet drinks can cause the very problem they’re meant to solve and make us fat instead of thin. (Lab rats fed with noncaloric sweeteners sometimes start to overeat, as if the ersatz sugar primed their rodent tongues for other sweets.)

The science on these questions is inconclusive at best. There’s no clear evidence that artificial sweeteners cause cancer or obesity, at least in human beings."

There may be no Clear evidence, but there is something to be said about consuming a coal derivative or something than converts to formaldehyde when digested!! You are consuming chemicals!

Crazy article! The Quest for a Natural Sugar Substitute,
Perspective is everything. Learn to waste less and eat smarter. And if you must "throw it away" start composting, that way it goes back to the Earth and back to you to help grow more of your own food.

A MUST read! Caitlin Shetterly is also in Maine and had a very bad experience with GMO corn, well worth knowing more about and reading her amazing article in Elle.

Yay! Maine, happy to be living here, break food rules!
Farm Free Or Die! Maine Towns Rebel Against Food Rules

Know what you eat! It seems more important now, than ever!

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